Sunday, February 05, 2006

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I'm posting this BEFORE the Superbowl...

I've got to say that I'm pretty proud of my city and its behavior this week. Good job Detroit! Good job. I won't mention the three shootings the other day...oops. Just another day in Detroit. Anyway, I am pretty proud of the job that the organizers have done, but mostly I'm proud of real Detroiters representing. We are nice people, damnit! Lots of stars in town, but I didn't see any in the store. Dearborn hotels and restaurants are rockin'! The store is doing a little better than an average week. Yesterday I had a pretty good sale. A guy from Mexico was in town for the game and I sold him a bottle of Petrus, 2 Lafites, a Mouton, and a Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz. Even with the healthy discount I gave him the 5 bottles totalled more than $1600. He paid with an American Express Black Card. Black! I've only heard about them and I've never seen one before. They're very rare and offered to users by invitation only from American Express. To get one you essentially have to be a millionare/billionare. I guess there's no limit. You could buy a jet if you want to. Crazy! Hopefully more of the world will get a better of how Detroit really is...a great city! I've heard lots of people commenting on how great it was to see so many people downtown this week and what a great time it was. Detroit is not normally like New York or Chicago where you see lots of people walking around. We've escaped virtually unscathed so far. I hope it keeps up. The parties in town this weekend have been INSANE! Big money, big celebrities, big hype! A friend of mine is actually supposed to hang out with Dylan McDermott this weekend. (Her boyfriend knows him and he's in town for the game...and Maxim party.) It's just too bad that the Lions didn't make it to the big game.

Great news! Sheryl "Screeching Wombat" Crow and Lance Armstrong are splitsville. I'm sure that Kat will appreciate that!

Prince was on SNL last night. The second song was okay, but the first one was pretty darn good and he even reminded us of what a GREAT guitar player he actually is. No one has ever questioned his ability as songwriter. He even smiled, sayed "thank you", and even stuck around with the cast during the closing credits. What's happening to the recluse?

We finally got some Detroit-appropriate Superbowl weather. It snowed quite a bit yesterday, but it was wet and slushy. It's still pretty warm out though (30's).

I was flipping through channels last night and Gretchen Wilson (one of the many country singers that I don't really care for) was on Austin City Limits. She actually did a pretty good rendition of "Good Morning Heartache" I hate to admit that I was actually impressed...

Funniest thing ever!!!
After working at the restaurant on Friday I decided to stop at White Castle on the way home. (When you've got a hankerin' you've got a hankerin'...) I went through the drive through and the woman at the window handed me a flyer along with my food. I'll just quote it exactly as it says..
"Make Your Valentine's Day steamy
Take your Valentine to White Castle on Tuesday, February 14 and we'll treat you both like a King & Queen!
Enjoy hostess seating, candlelight dining, your own server & more!
Reservations Required.
Please call..."
Awesome!!! However, most people would probably get dumped for taking their date to White Castle for Valentine's Day. Still...that's just about the greatest thing that I've ever heard.

My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones on the Egyptian ferry. Apparently there had been a fire burning for about 3 hours, but the captain refused to turn around and return to port. Sad...very sad.

Horatio Sanz is STILL not funny, but he does a decent impression of Aaron Neville...

I just turned around to watch the "Star Spangled Banner" performed by Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin, and Dr. John and the camera panned to Condoleeza Rice. I thought I felt a dark shift in the force...

Speaking of "squares"...I hope I win my Superbowl squares. I only bought two squares, but there's always a possibility of winning. My numbers aren't great, but they're not the worst. There's always a chance...

I'm looking forward to the commercials...

Bad Superbowl party- Last night our company provided bartending and other services for a Superbowl party in Detroit. Apparently the promoter was clueless, there was NO FOOD, the people were rude, and a guy in a white suit crapped in his pants while many others were puking in the bathroom. Amateur was one of the cheapest parties in town ($50 and cash bar, rather than $3000 a ticket like some of the others).

Thanks for behaving Detroit! It's just too bad that Detroit had to hide the homeless. At least they did get a reprieve from the elements and some free food. Here's a list of homeless shelters if you'd like to contribute to any of them.

Go Seattle!



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