Monday, February 06, 2006

Pittsburgh...the other Detroit?'s finally over. The Steelers won the Superbowl. I was hoping for Seattle, but I have no hard feelings. I like both teams. There were a lot of Pittsburgh fans in the store this week and I have to say that they were pretty great...they reminded me a lot of Detroiters. Both of our cities have a similar strong work ethic and stigma about them. Mind you, Detroit is oft reported as a much more violent city. We both live in the frigid blue-collar towns with warm, pride-filled people. Detroit right now (as the parties go on) has become a Pittsburgh satellite. The Pittsburgh fans in Detroit outnumbered Seahawk fans 10-1. It was a lot of fun. I'm glad it's over. Hopefully the next time the Superbowl comes to town there will be a more developed downtown. Detroit has a bright future ahead of it. I just hope that Kwame doesn't put out the light.

I'm SO glad that we got the Rolling Stones for the half-time show, rather than Ashlee Simpson or some other shite. Detroit deserved the Stones! Here's a link to past half-time acts. Did you know that Carol Channing was the half-time entertainment at Superbowl IV? Neither did I.

Neither Pittsburgh or Detroit make it to the spotlight much and we both have economic issues to deal with, but I'm proud of both of them. I really want to go to Pittsburgh some day to see the Andy Warhol Museum and get one of those sandwiches with the French fries in them.

The commercials this year??? Kind of disappointing. There were a few solid ones, but most were boring. Maybe they just didn't care this year. I guess I'd have to choose Budweiser and Disneyworld as winners.

Should I go downtown to try to catch a glimpse of Alyssa Milano and all the other A-listers??? Nope... I wanna go to whatever Condoleeza is at...isn't she at the Hustler party?

It was a smooth week, I didn't win any squares, and I'm proud of my city. Now let's get back to normal...



Blogger Eri said...

I can almost imagine Carol Channing singing "So Long Dearie" from Hello Dolly! When you found this bit of information about her, did you learn what she sang?

Just curious


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