Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No use for a title...

Not a lot going on. Sasha Cohen got 1st place in the short program and I'm quite happy for her. She skated beautifully. Irina Slutskaya took a very close 2nd. She skated amazingly considering her "old age" (27) and illness. It's amazing how I always find the Russian skaters extremely cute. Slutskaya, Gordeeva, etc. It's fine when your in high school and maybe in your twenties, but it may be a little creepy now. I guess I shouldn't feel guilty about looking at a 27 year old. Anyhoo... it was some good skating. Two fantastic Japanese figure-skaters took 3rd and 4th. Slutskaya wore pants which I thought sort of unusual until I heard it announced that this was the first Olympics where female skaters were "allowed" to wear pants. Hmmm...

Davis and Hedrick took 2nd and 3rd to an Italian in the 1500m. "Root, root, root for the home team..."

Speaking of Cohens...
I was watching something on CBC tonight on "Suzanne", Leonard Cohen's muse for the song. It was very interesting. The real Suzanne is now living a Bohemian lifestyle in Venice Beach, California. She broke her back a while back and has officially been homeless for the last 2 years or so. She's been living out of a truck with 5 stray cats. It's sad to see what's happened to her, but she seems to be making the best of her situation. She's actually pretty happy and at peace with the world, but she misses the dancing.

Here's a link to sign a petition to help save the Detroit Zoo (thanks to Kathleen). Do it now!!!
Awesome! When I signed the petition earlier I was about the 8000th person. I just checked and they're over 20,000 people. Keep it up...and tell the Detroit City Council where they can go!

It's scary time! Let's see how Roberts and Alito vote on this.

Although I'm a new addition to the 24 fold...I'm hooked! I'm addicted to this new season!

A Michigan teacher was recently arrested because she took an unruly student into the hallway, grabbed his throat and lifted him off the ground. Back when I was in elementary school that sort of behaviour was commonplace. It sounds bad now, but that's because times have changed. There's no more paddling in schools and not a lot of spanking at home. I mentioned this to a younger co-worker today and she thought that any sort contact with a student is abuse and she couldn't even fathom the idea that kids used to get the shit smacked out of them...and that's in public schools! Spare the rod, spoil the child.

In other over-reactive, over-protective news...
The game of "tag" has been banned from another elementary school because it is too "violent". It may also be troublsome with kids emotions or some other bullshit like that. We used to play a game called "Smear the Queer", but I'm sure the name's been cleaned up by now (rightfully so). They may as well now call it "Gang Assault and Tackle Some Poor Dis-Oriented Kid and Beat the Shit Out of Him". I never liked that game much...or dodgeball. Kickball, wallball, and "Battlestar Galactica" reenactments were more my style on the playground.

We should start a "Start Spanking" campaign. Kids these days need a whoopin'! A whoopin' I tell ya!

I'm REAAAAALLLLLYYY looking forward to my July vacation with friends. Work sucks!



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Hate to dash your hopes but I've received underwhelming response regarding up north this year...futhermore I am on a job hunt (more details later) so that throws all of my vacation plans in jeopardy. So I wouldn't count on an up north trip this year, but we'll see...

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