Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Seinfeldian post (without the annoying neighbors or New York rent)...

This is how I feel about work lately...

Entertainment Weekly recently released its list of the top 10 dramas on TV. Here it is...
1) 24 (Yeah!)
2) The Sopranos (Hell yeah!)
3) CSI
4) Battlestar Galactica (The most underrated, underwatched show on TV in my book)
5) Lost (Damn skippy!)
6) Everwood
7) Gilmore Girls
8) Law & Order (franchise) (Duh!)
9) Veronica Mars
10) The Shield

I think it's a decent list, but I think that House belongs on it. Entertainment Weekly actually had several more lists (comedy, reality, animated, etc.) What's your take on the list?

This is sort out of out of left field but I just realized how much I really love my shoes. I bought a pair of Blundstones quite some time ago and they're as comfortable as ever. The Aussie boots are the best footwear purchase I've ever made! They're even better than Carolina Boot Company boots. They may cost a little more, but they're worth it. Blunnies rule!

This is the pair I've got (The Tasmanian model)...
Best boots ever!

Geico commercials have genenrally been moderately clever and or funny over the last few years. They obviously spend millions on advertisting. Have you ever met anyone who actually has Geico insurance?

I watched Waiting last night. Not a very good movie by most of my criteria, but pretty damn funny nonetheless. You probably have to be or have been a waitperson to truly appreciate the scarily true nature of its content.

What's my take of this season of 24?
Frickin' awesome! That's my take.

I hate those f'ing hands-free phone things that people put on their ears. They look retarded and make people look like they're talking to themselves. Regardless of what you may think they look stupid! People that actually talk to themselves are cooler than you!




Blogger Kathleen said...

No Geico here. I went to their website a year or two ago to check on the price. They were DOUBLE my current insurance company. The funny thing was "Our rate would be $XXXX, would you like to switch now?" Progressive's site told me, "We're $60 more than your current insurance. You'll want to stay with them."

Ever since then I just laugh at Geico's commercials and think that's why my insurance coverage would have been double.

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