Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So not funny for 28 years...

I looked on IMDB and discovered that Jim Belushi started his career in 1978. That means that he has miraculously been riding the coattails of his brother for 28 years. Kudos to the guy that can last 28 years in the comedy business without making anyone laugh. Horatio Sanz must have a mentor...


I'd be curious to see what John Belushi and Graham Chapman would be up to if they were still living...


Anonymous btremelo said...

Ok, not to defend Horatio Sanz here, but I did see him do ONE funny skit... it's the one where he and Jimmy Fallon play stoner Dead-head college kids... I think they're supposed to be on a web-cam or something. Can't really remember exactly what was so humerous about the skit, but it seems that Horatio had some good lines in that one. Otherwise, yes, he's mucho el crapolero.

As far as Jim Belushi goes, I rank him somewhere down around Tom Arnold... and that's not too far above Carrot Top.


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