Thursday, March 02, 2006

So that's why Tom Cruise is such a nut-job...

I really don't know what to post about...

There's a lot of really crazy shit going on at work. I can't really talk about it. Lots of thinking to do...

I guess I'll just do a round-up of the week so far or something...

I'm really enjoying the new season of 24. It's the first season I've watched and it's pretty damn addictive. Sean Astin's character is a really, really big prick! Reminds me of someone I've worked/am working for. Good job Mr. Astin. He's more than just a Hobbit...

I also watched the Sphinx Competition on PBS on Monday. It's a competition of Detroit area kids/teens in classical music that are of Africian American or Latino descent. The five laureates that played were all STUNNINGLY talented! I'm going to pay more attention next year and see if it's at all plausible to see it in person. Detroit's musical future is bright as long as there are kids like these around.

House was not on again last night because of American Idol. That really sucks! I watched Amazing Race in its place (season premiere). I hope that the nerds or the hippies win. I really hope that the married couple with the overly aggressive/pushy husband loses quickly. Hopefully the husband will fall off a cliff or something. Go nerds!!!

Great, great article in the new Rolling Stone on Scientology! It's even more f'ed up than you ever imagined. There's even reference to the great South Park episode and how it's been banned from airing again. It's a long read, but very, very interesting. If you were lucky enough to see the South Park episode before the banning just realize that that crazy story about the truth of Scientology is actually...TRUE. Scientology is a cult people! A cult! (I once heard that Scientology came about as a drunken bet between Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and L. Ron Hubbard to see who could create a religion first. I wouldn't be surprised if it's true.) The tenets of the church are insane! I don't want to openly mock any religion, but seriously folks...INSANE!

Famous Scientologists

Another interesting thing in the new Rolling Stone. Every issue on the Charts page they list the top 10 sales of a different record store. This issue they actually featured Dearborn Music. I don't think I've ever seen a Michigan record store listed in the 18 years that I've subscribed to Rolling Stone, let alone an awesome store like Dearborn Music. It's no Switched On CDs, but it's still one of the best record stores around.

Here's the most accurate, blunt story on the Detroit Zoo. Once again Metro Times writer Jack Lessenberry nails it! Sad but true. The zoo will stay open, but there is an ongoing racial battle between the city of Detroit and the suburbs...and it's only going to get worse. Tonight's news stated that the City of Detroit is releasing control of the zoo to the Detroit Zoological society.

I'm a little pissed that I've been scheduled to work on the day that some of us are supposed to go curling at the Detroit Curling Club in Ferndale. I missed the first time out too.

Sorry for the boring-ass post.

In case you're not aware I've been trying to revive the old saying of "23 skidoo".
23 skidoo! Use it to excess!



Blogger Kathleen said...

The racial aspect of the Zoo was disgusting to say the least. And I'm not talking about L. Brooks vs Barbara Rose. I'm talking about the forum on the Freep. The use of the "n" was appalling and disturbing.

I do not understand the us vs. them attitude of the suburbs vs the city or vice versa. We're all Southeastern Michigan and we all benefit from the Zoo and other cultural institutions, even if you never visit them because they do bring people in from other areas who wouldn't necessarily spend money in metro Detroit.

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