Tuesday, April 04, 2006

July 27, 2007 is too damn far away...

It was unveiled last night that The Simpsons movie will come out on July 27, 2007. I am so there. I am such a geek...

And so is the sad life of a TV junkie. It's pretty sad that all I have to look forward to these days is coming home after work and watching TV. The fact that I work later than most people doesn't help. I don't get out as much as I like. The fact that there's a lot of really good TV on this season doesn't help matters either. As a sort of follow up to EW's top shows that I posted previously and and also a nod to Glen's list here's my current top 12 list of shows in no particular order...

The Sopranos (Welcome back!)
24 (Holy shit! The President's in on it!!! I didn't see that coming.)
No Reservations
Globe Trekker (not on a regular schedule, but a kick-ass travel show)
The Office
My Name is Earl
Battlestar Galactica (season just ended)
The Daily Show
Family Guy
Law and Order: SVU

This is the f'ing season for Paulie Walnuts. Great lines! I wonder if Bobby is going to get some retribution from the rapper for shooting him in the ass??? I'm looking forward to see how they wrap this show up...

Paulie F'ing Walnuts!

I'm really glad that the new season of No Reservations has started on the Travel Channel. Anthony Bourdain is the best novel-writing Ramones-loving TV show-hosting celebrity chef out there! Any chef/writer that gives appropriate props to the Ramones, Television, Richard Hell, and the Stranglers is all right with me...
Next week: Peru

Major plot twist tonight on 24! Holy shit!

Now that I have HBO again (for The Sopranos) I stayed up late the other night watching the one of the biggest shitfests recently devoted to celluloid. I ended up watching The Day After Tomorrow. I figured it couldn't be all that bad if Jake Gyllenhall was in it...I was dead wrong. This is one of the most contrived, formulaic turds that Hollywood has dropped in a while. A big budget does not a good movie make. I understand that global warming is going to screw us all eventually even if we take every precaution against it, but this movie almost makes my brain hurt more than if I was subjected to being locked in a small room with Pauly Shore, Carrot Top, country music supertard Toby Keith, and Bill "The Hemorrhoid" O'Reilly and the topic of discussion was Ashlee Simpson. That's why I love indie films! A little bit of Hollywood formula is expected, but don't just slap us in the face with it. Why did Ian Holm commit to this piece of shite? At least the beautiful Sela Ward is in it. Can you believe that she's 50? I would so do her...

My life is so sad that I'm going to contribute some space to my recent purchase of the Gillette Fusion razor. You know the one. The one that was donated all over the Superbowl. The one with 5 blades and a single blade on the other side for hard to reach places. That one. Well...it shaves pretty well. Pretty close indeed. It's a little clumsier as it has 5 blades...but it has 5 blades. For the price I paid and all the hype in the commercials I was expecting a happy ending...
I hate shaving! I really do. I'd use an electric shaver if it didn't irritate the hell out of my face. Maybe the happy ending comes with the battery powered version???

Crack, heroin, crystal meth, methadone, pot, alcohol, gambling...
These are all cool addictions to have. (I'm kidding of course)
I have an addiction. I've got it bad. I'm addicted to a video game called Fish Tycoon. I tried the trial version on a free flashware game site and ended up buying the full version. You essentiall start out with a little money and end up buying and breeding fish (over 400 and 7 magical ones). It plays in real time. I've already managed to breed all seven magical fish, but I'm still breeding and mutating several species to see what else I can come with.

I need to get out more often...




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