Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The truth about ethanol...

Read this great article from Rolling Stone about ethanol. My milk prices are going up because of this shit? Milk is more expensive than gas now...and that ain't right. Maybe I should start drinking gas. It's cheaper.

And another great Rolling Stone article here on To Catch a Predator and entrapment.




Blogger Kathleen said...

Thanks for the link, Jason. The To Catch A Predator story was very very interesting.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a few views that I would like to state re: our food. First, it is too cheap, and most of this is due to government subsidies (i.e. we pay for it twice). If we paid the actual cost for food, it would probably be 30% more expensive, people would waste less, and in my opinion, we would have more family run farms. Secondly, animals should be allowed to graze in open pastures, not just fed corn/ grain from troughs. this would reduce the requirements for corn, and the milk, butter, and beef would taste much better.
Lastly, I know that you posted a while back in regards to the mockumentury "Who Killed the Electric Car," and I recently watched it. Let's just say it made Michael Moore look open minded. The film was a complete one sided view of the technology and did not account for the true requiremnts of an actual car buyer. Let's just say that if you don't need heat, air, a radio, power locks, windows, mirrors, air bags, seating for 4, etc, then yes a 50 -100 mile car is feasible. Outside of that, the only way to get more range is to add a real engine. that car that went 300 miles on 1 charge was a 1 seater that was bare bones and had no safety features.
done now!

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