Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sucking ass through a Crazy Straw...

I'm having a really, really, really shitty week at work. It's a culmination of many things including the new computer system. Essentially we're understaffed and I've got a ton of work to do and no one to help. I won't go into detail, but essentially there's this "Wine Club" that picks up their orders 4 times a year. Pick up is this weekend. I've got my regular work, computer work, and the "Wine Club" to work on while my department starts to fall into a state of absolute shite. I do have one employee "helping" me, but I won't go into that as that's a long story that would probably require a psychiatrist (for her, not me). Let's just say that she's about as useful as a codpiece on a blender. Yeah, I know that doesn't make any sense, but neither does her existence. In summation...I'm stressed the fook out. Work is sucking ass through a Crazy Straw right now. I'm getting to that stage where a person may or may not "go postal".

Work was immensely sucking until I had to call one of my sales reps tonight. The rep is a friend and he has the most adorable little girl that you've ever seen. He was at home when I called and we talked for a couple of minutes until the words "I went poops!" were heard in the background. I got a snicker out of that. I love the honesty, pride, and happiness that young children exhude. I often wish that I could be that happy and innocent again, but then I'd have to grow up all over again. It would be really cool if I could be a perpetual kid on summer vacation. No job, free meals, free bed, and lots and lots of playing with friends until the sun comes down. Being a perpetual kid would have drawbacks (ie. no sex), but one could argue that I'm not having sex as an adult either. Adults can legally drink that's nice. I guess I could win the lotto, but I'd have to start playing first. I just wish that I wouldn't have to work to support myself. I guess I could marry into money...anyone interested? I think I may get on the intercom at work tomorrow and proclaim that "I went poops!", and see what happens.



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