Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Not much going on...

Apparently my trip to Florida is on. I booked a flight today. The French company hosting me will reimburse my flight and my hotel room is already taken care of. I guess I'm staying at the Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach. I'll be flying in to Ft. Lauderdale Airport and then shuttled to the hotel. The trade show is taking place at the same hotel. Sounds alright. Let's hope it doesn't suck balls.

Local favorite Middle Eastern restaurant chain La Shish's HQ was raided by about 40 IRS officers today. Uh oh. The owner and his son are under investigation (the son is still under investigation for murder as well). I eat at La Shish a lot. It's pretty damn good, but it still doesn't stand up to most of the joints on Warren or anything in the Schaeffer vicinity. Al-Ameer is still probably my fave. For any non-friends reading this...Dearborn, Michigan has the largest Arabic population outside of the Middle East and for this I am very thankful. The food is AWESOME and pretty damn HEALTHY! I've had Arabic food outside of Michigan before and IT DOES NOT STAND UP. One of the benefits (few) of living in Dearborn.

Holy crap! "Cliff" from Cheers is the new pope! Oh...wait...Joseph Ratzinger, not John Ratzenberger. My bad. I'm not Catholic so it really doesn't affect me, but I'm not too happy with the choice. Apparently he's been labeled the "Panzer Cardinal". I guess he belongs to the extreme far right of the church and had been appointed Guardian of Doctrine by JP the Deuce in 1981. Apparently he is adamently against gay marriage and other such "progessive" movements. Too bad. He was a member of the Hitler Youth when he was young (not by choice, it was mandatory), let's just hope that none of Hitler's doctrine rubbed off on him. Pope Benedict XVI is only 78 years old. Mmmmmmmmm...Eggs Benedict...mmmmmmmmm...

Have you seen Wonder Showzen on MTV2?
VERY, VERY wrong and VERY, VERY funny.

I watched House tonight...still the best show on TV right now as far as I'm concerned...

Gang of Four, Kraftwerk, and Robyn Hitchcock are all coming to Detroit in the near future...I think I just wet myself. I pray for the day that Tom Waits will come to town...the day that will never happen.

I was offered two free tickets to the Brad Mehldau Trio/John Scofield Trio double-bill in Ann Arbor on Thursday and I can't go. That REALLY sucks!!!

The geek in me is starting to look forward to the last Star Wars flick...
It better not suck like the Phantom Menace. far so good, althought I'd love an NC-17 version. Let's hope it doesn't stink like a milk-fart. I can't believe that I sold all of my action-figures and trading cards at a garage sale many moons ago. I'm a dumb-ass.

It's been a weird, warm April after a long-ass white winter. It's supposed to get colder tomorrow. I hope so. I can't take this perfect summer-like weather much longer.

Random poll- Who is "coolest"? Pope Benedict XVI, Condaleeza Rice, Patrick Duffy, or a turnip?



Blogger Kathleen said...

I have to go with Patrick Duffy - he was The Man from Atlantis, after all!

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