Friday, July 29, 2005

Why didn't I know about this??? Seriously...

First of all...HOLY CRAP!!! Read this! Apparently the IRA is disarming... Let's hope that this step towards peace becomes a marathon...

Why didn't I know about this??? Seriously... Why didn't anybody tell me? I mean...come on! How come I didn't know about The Knitters playing at the Magic Stick on Friday, August 5th? I was flipping through the new Real Detroit when I saw the ad for the upcoming show. I can't go because I have to work at the restaurant and I can't get the night off on this short notice. Damn! Damn!! Damn!!!

A note to those friends of mine who knit...
I found this interesting knitting blog while googling "The Knitters band John Doe".

Speaking of Real Detroit I also met a certain very liberal columnist for the Metro Times this week at work. Nice guy.

...and out of left field.
I normally prefer white subtitles to yellow subtitles, but there's something to be said for yellow subtitles for a black & white film. The last two Netflix films I watched (M and Rashomon) were both shot in B&W, but used white subtitles. White subtitles have a tendency to blend into the screen on a B&W film, making it difficult to read. I have great eyesight, but I had to rewind during several scenes to make out the subtitles. I hope that Criterion takes note of this...please use yellow subtitles for B&W films.

Ooooooohhhhh... I just noticed on the Criterion site that Criterion Collection editions of The Man Who Fell to Earth and Naked are coming out on DVD soon. You're probably familiar with The Man Who Fell to Earth, but you may not know Naked. Naked is probably my favorite Mike Leigh film other than Secrets & Lies and stars the remarkable David Thewlis in what I think is his best performance. WTG Criterion!

I saw this very creepy, scary, real story on Primetime tonight. It's amazing what truly f'ed up and illegal things can happen in the name of religious zealousness. I actually remember seeing the first part of the story over a year ago. Stay the hell away from Colorado City, Arizona. Polygamy is only cool in porn...

An interesting article written by a friend about the continuing wine-shipping debate in Michigan. Michigan is in the national "wine spotlight" because it continues to further bury itself in its archaic, antiquated liquor laws. Michigan wholesalers and politicos have long been in bed together, but this is ridiculous. Do they really think that they can beat the Interstate Commerce clause of the Constitution? Anything for a buck. I've been following this closely for a long time and I fully support inter and intra-state wine shipping. I haven't mentioned it here because it may bore you to tears, but I recommend you go to and sign the petition for Michigan (Michigan residents only). I've actually received letters from my State Rep and State Senator so far...

There was a great episode of Law and Order last night that really got in a few digs to the current administration and the recent outbreak of Bible-before-Constitution judges...

Really looking forward to Switzerland...there's too many farging iceholes in this country.

Random poll- Would you rather have a great meal with horrible service, or a horrible meal with extraordinary service?



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Oh Jason! Forgot to tell you...when I lived in Dearborn, Sandy Silfven was my neighbor (well one house over.) She still lives there - nice lady. Been meaning to tell you.

ttfn Suz

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