Monday, December 26, 2005

Another pagan holiday bites the dust (until next year)...

Thank goodness! Another Christmas down the drain. Now if I just make it past New Year's I'll be all set. It was was busy in the store this year. I don't know if the numbers were up or down from last year, but I was sure running around. Thankfully it's over.

My Christmas was okay. I hope that yours was decent. I noticed something when I got home that sort of pissed me off (not really). I noticed that my odometer was at 88889.1 miles. I missed it turning 88888.8. I had been sort of looking forward to watching it turn for some time now ( I don't have much of a life). I obviously forgot about it as I had a 300 mile trip this weekend (150 each way). and I only missed it by .3 miles. Somehow I don't think my Hyundai will make it to 888888.8 miles, but I should have 99999.9 miles to look forward to. (I either need a girlfriend, a hobby, or a third job. I'll settle for a girlfriend or a hobby...maybe making model airplanes so that I can huff model glue.)

I haven't really come up with any New Year's resolutions yet, but I do hope that...

Dubya will develop an allergy to peanuts and that I will have an opportunity to make a PBJ in his presence.

I get a new job.

My friends don't lose any of their jobs.

Gay marriage is legalized everywhere!

I lose some weight.

That it becomes legal to hunt rednecks.

My balls descend and I gather up the courage to ask someone out.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have an alien baby.

The grip that uberevangelists have on this country loosens.

The "red states" get "Hooked on Phonics".

NASCAR goes the way of the dodo.

Dick Cheney has another (but lethal) heart attack.

Condoleeza Rice will answer questions directly and truthfully.

The stem-cell procedure that saved Don Ho's life will help prompt a change in Washington's thinking.

A meteor hits a certain ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Dubya eats more pretzels.

We get the fuck out of Iraq!

Hendrix beats Kilpatrick in the recount.

Local TV reporters get foot in mouth disease.

Peace abounds!

The Big 3 rebound.

Church stays separate from state.

You have a great frickin' year!

Let's hope that 2006 is better than 2005! It couldn't be much worse...



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