Monday, August 21, 2006

Vegetative Vacation- A Springboard for Apathy

Hey kids!

I'm not at work and it feels so good. I'm on vacation until next Tuesday and that's a darn good thing. I've been pretty low-key and exercising my "vegetate" muscles. There were a few times in the last few days that I wanted to post about something, but I've since forgotten what it was that I wanted to post about. Oh well. I'm pretty sure that I didn't come up with a new theory of relativity or anything. Pretty sure...

On Saturday I went to Comerica Park for the very first time to see the Tigers take on the Texas Rangers. It was part of Kat's b-day celebration. It was a lot of fun in spite of the fact that the super-hot Tigers lost 3-1. Of course I wanted the Tigers to win, but I doubly wanted the Rangers to lose for the mere fact that Dubya once owned them. I have to admit that the park is very nice. It's big too. I had the obligatory hot dogs and beer to make it official-like. I certainly do miss the old Tiger Stadium, but I guess I understand modernization happens. Comerica Park is an impressive stadium right in the heart of downtown Detroit and the fact that Ford Field (Detroit Lions) is right next to it is kind of neat. Hopefully it won't be several years before I make it to another Tigers game. The Lions lost their pre-season game to Cleveland on Friday, but it was pretty close and winnable. I'm going to hold out just a bit of hope for them this season. I think I like the new coach. The QB's are stepping up and performing moderately well. I think that Harrington's time here was just a waste. He certainly has a talent, but he never unleashed it here. I'm hoping to get some tickets this season from my favorite gigantic defensive guys. That'll be cool.

The Tigers have been playing very well and the games have been selling out. I couldn't believe the amount of people down there. My proposal to get the city of Detroit out of despair is to have winning teams. It's as simple as that. If the Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings play really well and sell out every game (barring strikes) I think that Detroit could start to get back on its feet. I know that there's lots of exciting things going on in the Motor City. There are little pockets of hip all over the place with lots of cool restaurants and clubs, but these serve a niche of the suburban and Detroit population. Baseball, football, and hockey bring people downtown and they spend a lot of money. Not only do they spend at concessions, but they hit the restaurants, stores, and bars. They're slowly rebuilding the infrastructure of a tattered city. Condos are going up and some neighborhoods are becoming cool. Detroit suffered from a burst of "white flight" after the riots, but there is also a slower, more gradual "black flight from the city as well as residents are moving out to the suburbs. This is leaving the city with a residency that really CAN'T leave. They don't have much of a choice. People are starting to move back to Detroit albeit very slowly. It's going to be very interesting to witness the intermingling of assorted folk. Detroit is a LONG way from being a bustling metropolitan model of greatness, but it is a great model of hope. It's going to be a very slow transformation (especially with Kwame in office), but I'm excited about Detroit's future. Like the next ice age, Detroit's emergence as a shining star may not happen in my lifetime, but it's coming soon (in geological terms). Be hopeful. And may the Tigers, Lions, and Redwings win every game and save Detroit. The Pistons can win too, but they don't count with their fancy schmancy Palace of Auburn Hills. They just don't count until they come to the D.

Yesterday I went to see Little Miss Sunshine with a friend. She hated it (predictable), but I loved it. It's a very funny movie. I pretty much like anything with Alan Arkin in it. He plays "grandpa". "Grandpa" is a heroin snortin', porn loving, foul-mouthed guy. The performances from Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, and Steve Carell are pretty spot- on too. Although the movie shows a family that is just about as dysfunctional as can be, they are probably the most realistic family I've ever seen on film. The movie is a little dark, but it's great fun. It's probably the most accurate presentation of young girls' beauty pagents that I've ever seen too. Uncomfortably hilarious!

I'm going "Up North" on Thursday somewhere between Elk Rapids and Charlevoix. I've got some packing to do and some errands to run, but I think there's a Battlestar Galactica marathon (the original) on Sci-Fi today...




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Toni Collette = Wonderful

I hope you have a great time up north this weekend. If you're looking for a great book to read might I suggest THE WORLD IS FLAT, which came out last year. It's about the impact of globalization on the American Dream and the American work force in the coming decades. Knowing you as I do, I think you would get a lot out of this book, sir!


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