Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Can you believe that it's been one year since The Tactometer last posted on his blog. Everybody be sure to congratulate him! Keep up the good work!

Go to and type in "failure" and then click on I'm Feeling Lucky.

It's supposed to drop down to 86 degrees or so tomorrow. That'll be nice. Nicer than this bowl of hot chowder we're in right now anyway...

I'm actually off tomorrow (and Friday) but working the weekend. I have a wine trade-tasting to go to on Thursday and the list looks pretty sweet. They're showing North by Northwest at The Redford Theatre on Friay, but I'd also like to see Talledega Nights. I still need to see Clerks II too. Chances are I won't see any of them, but hopefully I can find someone to go with me to one of them...

That article I was in a few months ago in the local Detroit paper has indeed been republished in Tuscon and it can also be found on at least 3 websites now. Now I can scare people all over the place...



Blogger Eri said...

I can't believe you want to go to that NASCARish movie. Don't you have any idea what kind of message that sends the rest of us????

You secretly love NASCAR. Just admit it. :p`````

Have a good weekend, Jason. I'm hope you get a chance to escape the trade-tasting and head to the movies.


7:43 AM  

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