Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are you f'ing kidding me???



This weather SUCKS! I don't remember giving anyone permission to move Detroit to Equatorial Guinea. WTF?!?! I've heard reports today saying that Detroit hit 109 degrees F and 111 degrees F with the "Heat Index". That means that it "feels" like 111 because of the high humidity. F' this shit! It feels like I've been smothered by a beached manatee. That or I've been bathing in St. Bernard slobber. I can't wait until it snows. Those people that walked out of the theater still not believing in global warming after watching An Inconvient Truth are paying their dues now. Looks like Al Gore gets the last laugh. It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow! Luckily I'll be at work most of the day. When I locked up the store today and went outside it felt like I was walking into steaming hot egg drop soup. This sucks! Bring on Michigan winter! This is why I don't like summer. It would be fine if it were in the 70's and got cool at night, but this shit is ridiculous. Does anybody have a freezer that I can live in for a while?
(I Google Imaged "sauna" for a pic, but they were all naked people. Don't ask me what came up with "dripping".)

I've been spending my time working or complaining about the weather. I ended up staying in on my days off as I couldn't find anything to do and it was too frickin' ass-nasty outside. I did end up watching one of my fave Hitchcock films, Notorious. Great movie! I also made a huge pot of Bolognese sauce and froze about half of it. Lots of pasta this week, but it's a little heavy in this heat to eat much of it. I made some pretty kickin' garlicky meatballs too. They're all gone now. I like meatballs. What can I say?

Mel Gibson was arrested on suspicion of DUI and apparently he made a bunch of anti-Semitic remarks. That's not cool. I've never really been a fan. The more I hear about his personal life the more I dislike him.

Apparently Raul Castro will be in charge of Cuba while Fidel goes in for surgery. Prank calls anyone?

I'm really not happy with the final three competitors on Hell's Kitchen. I don't like any of them.

I was going to post about something, but the heat seems to have fried my brain. I can't bloody remember what I was going to post about. Crap! Sorry.

Excuse me while I jump into a kiddie-pool filled with frozen peas...

Random poll- What's your favorite summer drink? Non-alcoholic and alcoholic?
(Coke Slurpee/Icee for me thank you very much. I'd kill for a margarita on the rocks made with Herradura Anejo, Cointreau, simple syrup, and fresh lime juice...no salt. I'd go to Agave, but apparently they've closed. I'd make my own, but I'm out of tequila...GASP!)



Blogger Eri said...

It's so strange that we're only in the mid-nineties down here and you guys are absolutely frying up there. What's the humidity like? Are you getting a dry heat? Just curious.

Here's hoping you and your friends can find a way to cool down. :-)


2:09 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

How did you see Notorious? Netflix doesn't seem to have copies anymore and it's out of print, even the Criterion Edition. I've been trying to buy it but am leery of the Japanese copies on eBay.

Summertime drinks: Mike's Hard Lime, especially when it's this damn hot! Problem is that it's hard to stop drinking them because they taste so yummy and you end up drinking six before you realise it (Only had two last night). Non-alcoholic? Water or mango gatorade.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

It's really humid. Definitely not a dry heat. I know that it was over 56% humidity yesterday.

I actually got "Notorious" from Netflix. Sounds like you've really been throttled. Ouch!

9:53 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

Agave closed? Bummer....maybe they were a few blocks too far up Woodward or just a few years too early to benefit from the rampant gentrification in the area(half tongue in cheek).

Home brewed iced tea wins every year in the summer drink category.

Jason wrote:
Apparently Raul Castro will be in charge of Cuba while Fidel goes in for surgery. Prank calls anyone?



Jason wrote:

I'm really not happy with the final three competitors on Hell's Kitchen. I don't like any of them.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Eri said...

56????? Are you kidding me? Is that it? Jason, that's really low for us down here. Then again, you guys have such high temperatures right now, so any humidity is bad.

I hope it gets better.


12:32 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

No offense, but I couldn't handle living in Louisiana. I'm used to living in "The D". Humidity kicks my butt. Living in the South would probably kill me. I want snow and I want it now. My Swiss/German heritage isn't suited to tropical climes apparently...

12:41 AM  
Blogger Eri said...

Yeah, I know, Jason. But then, I was moved here when I was three years old and I've kinda gotten used to living here. I don't particularly enjoy it when it's deemed that I can't venture into the heat and humidity, like today, but I've got my new playlist and a jug of chocolate espresso in the fridge. So what if I can't go ride the bus and be panhandled by Katrina evacuees?

You're probably better off up there, Jason. Or, you would be if the weather wasn't sucking so badly.


5:04 PM  

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