Saturday, August 04, 2007

Many movies in the moist, muggy summer.

Hey kids,

How the heck are ya'? This has been a helluva summer, hasn't it? This global warming shit sucks balls!

This weekend is Dearborn Homecoming. It's a painful zit on the upper lip of life. I can't wait for this weekend to be over. I guess it's actually a good thing that I'm working Saturday and Sunday. My next day off (between both jobs) is a week from Sunday. I did have this Wednesday off. That felt a little odd and the fact that I made lasagna on one of the hottest days of the year is just a little daft of me.

Last week I went to see The Simpsons Movie. I've been a die-hard Simpsons fan for 18 years now. Can't get enough of it. The movie, although good, was...a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed it. I'd say that it was like a 90 minute episode...with the current writers. It lacked the bite and genius that the show offered 10 years ago for example. The show is still one of the best things on TV, but it's not as good as it used to be. Personally I think the show really hit its stride in season 3 and kept it going for a while. I was entertained by the movie and I'm glad I saw it, but I guess I was just expecting more. I'm pretty critical though. There were certainly some great gags/jokes, but there just wasn't enough cohesiveness. Although all of the characters may have physically appeared in the movie, there wasn't enough dialogue among them. Luckily Ralphie did have one memorable line. Ralphie lines are always my favorite. I think they should make a Ralphie movie. What do you think? What's your opinion of The Simpsons Movie?

I've watched a fair amount of Netflix movies lately. Here's a rundown...

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest- Harmless drivel, mildly entertaining

Breaker Morant- Outstanding Aussie film about 3 Aussie soldiers on trial during South Africa's Boer War. Highly recommended!

Letters from Iwo Jima- Excellent!

Punk: Attitude- Great documentary on the punk scene! Very well done!

Blood Diamond- Not bad. Leonardo DeCaprio annoys me, but he didn't stink it up too bad. His South African accent was actually pretty good. Djimon Hounsou id a great job!

Zodiac- Pretty good. Very interesting. Follows the crimes and investigation of the Zodiac murderer.

Rockets Redglare- A documentary of the enigmatic, strange, Village scene mainstay. How could such an unusual, lazy guy be friends with Julian Schnabel, Sid Vicious, Willem Dafoe, Jean Michael Basquiat, Jim Jarmusch, Jim Lurie, Gus Van Sant, Steve Buscemi, Matt Dillon, and others? How could he star in so many films of some of the most respected directors out there? Who knows? Very interesting. I've been curious about Rockets Redglare since I saw him in Basquiat and wondered who the hell is this guy and why the hell is in this this movie? Definitely a must see if you have any idea who he is?

Thumbsucker- Very good and quirky movie with Vincent D'Onofrio AND Vince Vaughn. The amazing Tilda Swinton is in this too as well as a whacked out Keanu Reeves. Highly recommended if you're in a weird mood.

Mystic River- Very good! Never expect a bad performance from Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, or Kevin Bacon. Pretty dark.

Mean Streets- I haven't seen this in a very long time. What a classic! Scorsese's first! Featuring young and supremely talented Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro.

Right now I've got Eraserhead. I haven't seen this strange, cult classic in very long time. Jack Nance- RIP

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