Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Where have all the mosquitos gone? Long time passing..."

Hey kids!

Finally a brief respite with the weather. Thank goodness! It's warmish and drizzly...almost perfect. I really can't wait until fall. I look forward to the cool, crisp air. Perfect weather for me is that cusp where you may or may not need a jacket or even a little cooler. This has been a pretty ding dangity hot summer. I hope that Al Gore throws his hat in the ring and the government could actually try to do something to fast-track efforts to confront global warming. Global warming makes me sweat and thusly makes me stink. So it would be beneficial for everybody to stop global warming. Nobody likes a stinky guy!

I went out to dinner tonight with a friend. My friend sort of recognized our server as she sort of recognized my friend. They ended up making the connection. Mutual acquaintances apparently. Our service started out great but then it got pretty busy and they were short-staffed. Our server also had to take a phone call. Our server apologized for the flighty service, but apparently the phone call she received was a girl saying that she was sleeping with her live-in boyfriend. Ouch! Our server handled it very well considering where she was and what she was doing. She held it together pretty well. I don't know this boyfriend but all I can say is...ASSHOLE!

I have seen a few good films lately...
There was an outstanding HBO documentary called White Light/Black Rain about the survivors of Nagasaki and Hiroshimi. It was riveting! Many survivors were interviewed and their artwork was shown. Surviving members of the atomic bomb team and the Enola Gay crew were interviewed as well. It was very touching, brutal, gut-wrenching, poetic, and even beautiful. HBO is really producing some amazing stuff. I highly recommend it.

I also watched The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. It's been a long time since I've seen this Humphrey Bogart classic. What a wonderful film! A classic story of greed and paranoia.
"Badges!? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges! I don't have to show you any stinking badges!!"

Rabbit-Proof Fence is an amazing film that I recently watched. It's an Aussie film based on the true story of three half-Aboriginal girls that were taken away from their family and placed in a compound over a thousand miles away with other "half-caste" Aborigines. The Aborigines Act 1905 instigated this atrocity at the Moore River Native Settlement. The film follows their escape and attempt to walk home. It's a very touching, beautiful film. Amazing photography/cinematography! The three Aboriginal girls playing the roles had no prior acting experience and they did an AMAZING job! What a wonderful film! Have a box of Kleenex on hand for this one.

I also watched Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog. What a fascinating, but bizarre film. Bizarre because the person who actuall shot the footage, Timothy Treadwell, was such a nutjob! A crazy guy named Timothy Treadwell used to spend part of every year living among the grizzlies in Alaska and documented nearly every minute of it until he and his girlfriend were mauled by a grizzly. Werner Herzog pieced together bits of Mr. Treadwell's footage to put this documentary together. His lunacy is clearly evident, but it's also evident that he really did love the bears. His actions were certainly questionable, but it's undeniable that some of his footage is simply breathtaking and amazing. A cool extra is the "making of" the soundtrack bit. THE Richard Thompson, Jim O'Rourke (yeah, that NYC-scene former 5th member of Sonic Youth clown...he is good though), and others improvise a soundtrack to the documentary. Very cool! Another must watch!

I'll finally be using some vacation time soon. It's about time. My brain is about to melt.

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. My brain is mush. Not that I've made a proper post in a while (including this one). I'm too un-motivated to be motivated right now. Posting about politics right now may take too much out of me. I won't even comment on Karl Rove right would just take too much energy. Maybe my upcoming vacation time will zap my lethargic phase.

RIP- Merv Griffin, you were one cool cat! I wish I could write one game show ditty and make $80 million in royalties...among all of your other amazing projects. In the "I did not know that department"- I did not know that Merv Griffin sang "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" and took it to number one in 1950.

RIP- Former Factory Records guru Tony Wilson died on August 10th in Manchester after a battle with kidney cancer. The movie 24 Hour Pary People was inspired by him. The music world would not have been the same without him after nurturing bands like Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio, and The Durutti Column. I can't wait until Control gets released in the US. It better come to Detroit!

LOVING the new season of No Reservations and Bizarre Foods!

Hoping to see Superbad while it's still in theaters...

My 20 Favorite Things About Summer
1) Coke Slurpees/Icees
2) Iced Coffee
3) Scantily clad women
4) Air Conditioning list ends at 4. I hate summer! However, knock on wood, where are the frickin' mosquitos this summer? Did global warming kill them too? I'm not complaining. I'm sure this rain today will change things...

Random poll- What are you looking forward to the most about fall?




Blogger Kathleen said...

I'm thinking that you're taking back your comment re: the weather today since it's sucking canal water completely. I hate humidity w/o heat. Hell, I hate humidity.

I saw Rabbit-Proof Fence a few years back. An excellent movie and very sad.

I might be cured of Werner Herzog after Stroszek...okay, I say that knowing full well there is a bunch of his movies in my Netflix queue. I'll contemplate Grizzly Man.

I'm looking forward to the humidity GOING THE BLOODY HECK AWAY!!! And I don't need to wait for fall for that.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Serendipity Girl said...

I went on a few dates with a grandson of the bombadier on the Enonla Gay... was a nice guy, but... damn.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Mexillent said...

I'm looking forward to heading over to Apple Charlie's and picking some of their wonderful baking apples for pie. They have some awesome varieties that you can't get at the store (old fashioned ones). Yum. Something about the cooler weather always gives me the urge to bake.

9:42 PM  

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