Monday, November 29, 2004

More o' nothin'...

Wow! I've had a really non-eventful week. My life is as exciting as watching paint dry. I did drive up to my parents for Thanksgiving. It's kind of pointless to drive 3 hours, have some turkey, and drive back 3 hours in the same day. It's also kind of dangerous. That turkey put me to sleep. I'm not generally a football fan (or of most sports for that matter), but the Lion's really got their asses kicked during the annual Thanksgiving game. They lost 41-9 to Indianapolis. At least no fights broke out. I'm actually selling some wine to three of the defensive tackles. They're the biggest, toughest looking, but nicest guys you'll ever meet. I'm starting to pay a little more attention to them since I've met these guys. One of them gave me tickets to the Green Bay game a while ago. That game really sucked, but it was my first NFL game. A camera caught me off-guard and I actually was on the Jumbotron. By the time I realized I was on screen I only had a few seconds to do something "cool" before the camera panned away. Apparently it's impossible to be "cool" on the Jumbotron, as I discovered. At the time I thought a good ol' rock n' roll devil horns and tongue out would be the coolest pose ever. It wasn't. Ford Field is a beautiful stadium. It'll be perfect for the 2006 Superbowl. I just wish the rest of city were up to par with Ford Field. Rumor is that rather than tear down all the abandoned buildings in the vicinity they're going to "wrap" advertising around the buildings. They couldn't possibly demolish all of those buildings in time. It would also look like there was nothing left of Detroit if all the vacant buildings were destroyed. There would be about 10 buildings left in the entire city. It's kind of funny, but the new really expensive restaurant on top of the Renaissance Center got a horrible write-up in Hour magazine. I don't think they've ever published a negative restaurant review. It cost $8 million to build, but apparently the bartender doesn't know how to replace a used ashtray. I don't want to speak too negatively, because I have nothing but the highest regard and respect for the corporate Sommelier. Hopefully they'll get all the bugs out in time for the Superbowl. I found out a few weeks ago that Joey Harrington (Lion's QB) lives in my voting precinct. He was behind me in line on November 3. It's nice to see to him fulfilling his civic duty. Way to go Joey! I'm not going to talk about the election. I've already done enough of that.
This week at work is going to suck ass beyond belief. I'm really not looking forward to it. I won't go into detail other than I've got an ass-load of work to do. "Ass-load", by the way, is quantifiable. If I remember correctly from the conversion chart inside my Peechee folder, an "ass-load" equals 100 reems. Whatever happened to Peechee folders? I guess they became obsolete with the introduction of Trapper Keepers and PCs. I heard that they don't even teach hand-writing in schools anymore. They teach typing instead. Typing is very useful, especially these days, but what the hell? I had to learn hand-writing (cursive). I think today's kids should too. I took a typing class in high school. I didn't do very well (I still have to look for the number keys), but I get by. Very helpful class.
Luckily I have something to look forward to this week. I'm having some friends over for dinner on Sunday. That should be fun. I just have to survive the work-week. I'll need a drink or two by Sunday.
Today's wine recommendation- 2001 Leasingham Magnus $10.99
This shiraz/cabernet value comes from the Clare Valley in the state of South Australia. It also happens to made by the very BEAUTIFUL and talented Kerri Thompson. She's a gifted winemaker and very sweet and lovely person. (I had the great honor of having lunch with her a couple of years ago in the Detroit area, and then again spending time with her on the train in Australia). It's got raspberry and blackberry fruit and a little spice on the finish. It's got solid body for such an inexpensive offering. It's a steal for the small price. It's schmick!

Until the next bottle...


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My uncle had a Zinfandel/Shiraz blend yesterday at Grandma's from Kendall-Jackson. He was saying how he didn't understand why more wineries didn't do it as they go nicely together. I'll have to tell him about the Aussie one!

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