Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hope y'all had a nice Christmas...

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Mine was rather uneventful. But I guess that's good. I ended up not going to the Lions game and gave my tickets away. I was listening to the game on the drive back from Caseville, but I never heard the end result (they were winning 19-6 before I switched stations).

Christmas is finally over and that's a huge relief at work. I still have New Years to contend with, but that's nothing compared to Christmas. I work both jobs on New Years Eve. It's going to be a long ass day. Hopefully I'll be walking with plenty of coin at the restaurant job. I spent a lot of money on Christmas this year and need to recoup my losses somehow. Normally I work at least one or two specific Christmas parties for the store, but neither had a party this year. I used to wait on both families at the Country Club so they always request me to work their parties. But no parties. No parties = no cash. Ouch. I always half-counted on that money to help pay for Christmas presents. I haven't heard any word on bonuses yet at work, and I'm not holding out any hope (don't get me started). Oh well. I hope that everyone had a merry one.

I was watching 60 Minutes and saw a really interesting story on Echo Boomers. Turns out that my fears are well founded. I've been known to bitch about the current generation of children and teenagers being to sheltered. Kids of the current generation have never known life without bicycle helmets, seatbelts, soccer, child carseats, play groups, or having a regimented/organized life. If you tell kids to go out and play they don't know what to do...literally. Kids today are encouraged to be team players and get awards/trophies for being such. Kids aren't rewarded to be "Number One" anymore because it may hurt someone's feelings. They spoke to some college students who said that they had tons of trophies for doing nothing. A specialist asked a corporate CEO about problems that the new generation of young workers exhibit. Turns out at they have absolutely no grasp of the big picture or planning for the future. The video-game culture wants immediate results immediately. Turns out that sheltering these kids so much has really f'ed them up and may destroy America's business future. Ha ha. I was right. Check out the link above. It's really interesting. I'm glad I grew up in an age without seatbelts, carseats, bike helmets, and Soccer on Monday/Karate on Tuesday... When we fell we got hurt and we bled, and we kept on playing. In the 60 Minutes story they stated that children today will never know what it's like to have peanut butter allowed in the lunchroom. WTF?!?!?!? I realize that some people have serious allergies, but come on. I don't remember anyone having any peanut/gluten/dairy allergies when I was a kid. I'm no doctor, but I think maybe everyone is developing allergies to things because they're so sheltered. How can you develop an immunity to anything if you've never had it? Check out the story for yourself. It'll make you feel better about your generation. Oh well, it's time for me to fall off the monkey bars (onto non-antibacterial cement).

I did post my best and worst 25 of 2004 earlier. I'm going to post on my favorite album, movie, etc. later this week.

Until the next bottle...


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