Thursday, January 13, 2005

Something to look forward to (if you've got nothing to look forward to)...

I was reading my friend Kathleen's blog and her post about 3-D. Good stuff. I have great memories of 3-D and I'll post more on that subject some other time. I just really dug a few of the analogies in her post...
ie. "faster than Celebration will get white people on the dance floor at a wedding"
and "anything by New Order would get me off the dance floor faster than the Hustle at a wedding"
Well said. I spent a lot of time and a lot of money at 3-D, especially on Wednesdays. I probably paid for Tammy and Kimmy's cars. I had a really high tolerance back then. It's still pretty high, but I'm fatter now. The Sardine Bar was another hangout for a while. Both 3-D and the Sardine Bar had the amazing Davo DJ'ing. Those were good times. I met a lot of great people at 3-D. I run into people occasionally, but the biggest mystery is the disappearance of Cheryl. We actually laid on the floor(the nasty, vile, sticky, disgusting 3-D dance floor) once during "Bela Lugosi's Dead". We were having a ball as we both wanted to do it for a while. It was a Wednesday, and there wasn't anyone there to judge us. The people there were regulars and understood "our moment". Then the frat/sorority-type assholes came in and ruined everything. They thought it would be fun to bounce and pogo around us. They were fucking wrong. Wretched bilious heathens!

I'll post more about 3-D and the Sardine Bar some other time. I think I'll come up with another "Top Songs" list. This one will be the best songs to dance to at 3-D and the Sardine Bar. Remind me.

I watch a lot of TV in my spare time. I get home from work later than the average person and my social life is rather limited by this. I also don't have the energy to go clubbing like I used to. It's fun on occasion, but then I just feel old and out of place. I have gone to City Club a few times in the last few years and the average age is about 12. All they play is Marilyn Manson and some other random new-goth crappola. Thank goodness for the "moving picture box". I have two things to look forward to this week on TV...
Although I'm not a sci-fi ubergeek I do tip my hat to it occassionally. I'm a huge fan of the orignal Battlestar Galactica and I even have the DVD set. I watched it throughout childhood and even to the present in syndication. Yeah, it was the seventies...the hair and the costumes reflected it, but I loved it. Sci-Fi channel aired a "new" Battlestar Galactica mini-series several months ago. It was clearly a different take on the original, but intriguing enough to make me want to watch the new series that starts this Friday. I'll be working at the restaurant, so I'd better remember to tape it. I'll probably give up on it eventually as I'm sure it'll eventually piss me off. I hope it doesn't suck.

I'm also looking forward to the new Iron Chef America on Food Network. It starts Sunday. I'm a massive fan of the original Japanese version. They did one later with William Shatner and Todd English (chef) in Vegas. I hate Todd English. Talk about ego. They did another version later with Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, and Mario Batali as the Iron Chefs and Alton Brown was a commentator. This version was slightly respectable as I like all of them except for Bobby Flay (ego again). From what I can tell this new American version will remain fairly true to the original Japanese production. I have high hopes for it as I caught a glimpse of Rick Bayless as a challenger. Rick Bayless is chef/owner of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo in Chicago. He's an amazing chef (and his margaritas kick ass)! He's a James Beard Award winner and he closes the restaurants for a week every year and takes his entire staff to Oaxaca in Mexico to pick up techniques and skills from the locals. How cool is that?!? He really worried me last year when I saw him in a Burger King commercial. WTF!?!? Did he sell his soul? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as I have so much respect for him as a chef/educator. Hopefully the new series will be worth watching. I spend half my time watching the Food Network anyway.

Today's wine recommendation- 2002 Borja Tres Picos Garnacha $15.99
This Spanish grenache is pretty damn good for sixteen bucks. It's got nice color for a grenache (they're often pretty light in color, although they're getting pretty extracted these days in Spain and Australia). A rich nose of strawberries, tart cherry, and chocolate dominates and it's fairly dense on the palate with dark cherry, raspberry, milk chocolate, and subtle cigar box/cedary spice. Damn fine stuff. Try with some grilled lamb chops or a pork roast stuffed with lots of garlic.

Until the next bottle...


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