Friday, April 01, 2005

7 great albums by bands that you've probably never heard of...

Back in my college-radio days (WUMD) we used to get a fair amount of freebie (promo) CDs. A lot of them are crap and you'll see them dominating the used bins at record stores across the country. Here are 7 albums that I haven't tried to sell/trade...

1. "Providence" - The Rosemarys (Kind of American shoe-gazerish)
2. "The Nightblooms" - The Nightblooms (Great f'in album! Actually, I think I bought this one.)
3. "Those Deep Buds" - Dog Faced Hermans (Dutch ska/punk/weird...good)
4. "Viva Dead Ponies" - Fatima Mansions (Okay, you may have heard of the Fatima Mansions, but this is a seriously underrated album.)
5. "And She Closed Her Eyes" - Stina Nordenstam (Beautiful album from a potential Swedish Bjork)
6. "Minimal Star" - trains and boats and planes (A bunch of great pun intended. Really cool album.)
7. "Dreamcake" - Jale (I used to have this album and ended up trading it in years ago. I found it in a used-bin recently and bought it again. Great girl band on SubPop)



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