Saturday, December 31, 2005

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but...

I've never considered myself a conspiracy theorist (at least not full-blown anyway), but I think I may be joining the ranks.

If you have an hour to spare you should watch this documentary called Loose Change (Google Video/Beta). It analytically shows you how 9/11 was more likely perpetrated by our own government than by terrorists. I looked at it open-minded and the general facts presented are blaring. It certainly makes it look like our government was behind the killing of over 3000 people. Normally I wouldn't put much stock in something like this but I wouldn't put it past this administration at all...

Dubya and his gang scare me more than ever.

Please watch and please share. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to go hide from the government goons that are surely about to come and get me and then illegally torture me...
Apparently the walls have ears. Luckily I don't talk much at home as I just live with a roommate and I don't use the phone too often. They'll just hear a lot of farting, belching, and whatnot. I'm sure my computer will develop some sort of supervirus shortly...

The hour goes by pretty quickly as it's pretty engrossing. Please be forewarned that there is repeated footage of the Twin Towers collapsing. It may not be something that you can take very well.

Impeach Dubya in 'O6 don't stop there...maybe torture isn't so bad after all!

Also, another good read from Jack Lessenberry here from this week's Metro Times...about about our local Congressman John Conyers and impeaching Dubya.



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