Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Dubya Prezidenshool Libary

I had a thought. I get one occasionally. I was thinking that Dubya would eventually have his own Presidential library. I imagine that it will house the world's largest collection of pop-up books and comics as well as a special section devoted to douchebaggery. I wonder who'll get the construction bid?

Another great piece from Jack Lessenberry this week on the Michigan primary.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I wanna be a scab...

Hey kids,

I've been lackadaisical in posting lately. Sorry. Some of the things I post about may be old news, but it's been a while. Be patient with me.

How about that FEMA? This is already old news, but that fake press conference was something else. Even I wasn't expecting something like that because they'd get caught. Guess what! They got caught!

Can you believe that the Presidential election is less than a year away? Holy crap!

I picked up the Joy Division re-issue CDs from Stormy Records. They're frickin' great! The new live stuff is pretty cool. The vinyl is too cool for school!

Michael Symon is the new Iron Chef. I wanted him from the beginning, but I would have been happy with John Besh. I've been a fan of Michael Symon since he made odd appearances on the Food Network probably about 10 years ago or so (along with Aaron Sanchez). I've been wanting to eat at Lola in Cleveland for a long time and still haven't made it there yet. The guy cures his own damn meat! That's what I'm talkin' about! Congratulations Michael Symon!

I'm not so happy with this Michael Mukasey as Attorney General. Both sides seemed to say he was the least offensive candidate and even slightly qualified, but his denial to admit that waterboarding is torture is utter bullshit! I guess he doesn't believe in the Geneva Convention. Nobody in our administration does, apparently. Waterboarding is not wakeboarding! Send him to Gitmo for a while!

Prior to Sunday I was going to praise the Lions. I still will. Go Lions!

So, I have a proposal... With the current Writers Guild strike going on shows have gone into re-runs, movies are behind, etc. I would like to offer my services as a writer to the folks in Hollywood. Although I don't really want to be looked at as a scab I could use the money. I'm sure that scale is more than I'm making. All I ask if for travel, hotel, and scale wages as long as the strike goes on. I could write for Leno. I bet anything I come up with would be funnier than the stuff his writers come up with. I could pen a screenplay or something. I could write some episodes of Desperate Housewive...never you mind that I've never seen a single episode. Hollywood! I'm offering my services as your writer bitch. What I write may suck, but what you have to offer lately ain't exactly the mutt's nuts. Give me a chance. That's all I ask. We need to get rid of reality TV! Let's write something great!

But seriously, I hope the writers get everything they want. Good luck!

This post doesn't make any sense. It may have made more sense when I originally planned to write something a couple weeks ago but then got too lazy. Yeah. I suck!

Oh yeah! I just watched a great flick yesterday... The Oh in Ohio is hilarious! Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Liza Minelli, Danny Davito, Keith David, Heather Graham, and Mischa Barton star. It takes place in Cleveland and Parker Posey's character has never had an orgasm in her life and never masturbated. She's been married to Paul Rudd for 10 years and he's never been able to please her sexually. It just explodes from there! Very, very funny! I'd watch Parker Posey in anything. She's the ginchiest!

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